Free internet calls

This is what we do. We provide free internet phone calls to all our visitors. We do not want your email, we do not want you to register, we do not want any payment. In fact we do not want anything from you.

ACTUALLY…. saying that, there is ONE thing we would ask of you in return for unlimited free phone calls to over 40 countries.

PLEASE share us with your friends and family!

International phone calls can be quite expensive even for developed countries and so we have developed a system where we can provide free phone calls to all. All supported countries can call international and local mobiles and landlines for free. Premium numbers are NOT supported and other high charge phone networks are also blocked from being called using our service. The chances are if you just want to call a standard telephone number we have you covered as long as the country is supported.

Many people use calling cards and mobile phone plans to make international phone calls – why not save money on international calls and use our free calling service to make your calls. If you find that you the country you wish to call is not on our list of 40 supported countries please check back soon as we continuously update our system.