Voip business solutions

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What service do you provide?

We are telecommunications experts that can develop custom platforms to enable integration between a Full featured telephony system and your current infrastructure. We have set demos set up at our premises where we can you can see first hand the possibilities, call quality, pricing and account management introduction to show you how to use the backend system to purchase numbers, check logs, pricing, hardware etc

Does the system support multiple numbers?

At part of the standard package we set up a simple IVR phone menu for example "press 1 for sales" "Press 2 for support" etc to help direct customers to the right representatives with nothing more than a click. Alternatively calls can be diverted to any number directly

What is click to call?

We can provide a platform where your visitors can talk to the right departments or individual at a click of a button from their browser as they did your site

No sluggish live chat sessions where at times you may be waiting several minutes for a response to a single question

I have offices around the world can I use a system like this?

With our click to call system you can have a button that can call any number in the world mobile or landline. The number associated with the button can be from the country where your office is meaning the call will be charged at standard local rates

Who pays for the phone calls?

In short not your customers. We develop and implement the platform for you to be able to have a buttons on your website that can call telephone numbers or perform various other telecommunication tasks. The platform is versatile and all projects tend to be bespoke solutions as every client has different requirements. The platform connects to a well established Internet telephony tier 1 supplier as such all customers will need to create an account and maintain their balance in order for the calls to be made or SMS messages to be sent. Being able to connect to a tier 1 supplier has its advantages for example as telephone numbers can be purchased through the platform in any country from as little as $2 a month - local telephone numbers can be used making the "click to call" a local call.

With call rates of 1p / 1.5 cents per minute for local connectivity and being in total control on how much you top up and auto top ups makes it is a complete turn key solution

What else can be done with the VoIP telephony system?

This is not just a click to call system. With the power of php, SQL databases and SMS. There are vast amounts of applications that can be integrated into your current infrastructure. For example to list some: conference calls, appointment booking system, SMS confirmations, IVR menus, custom hardware

Book an appointment to meet with us

To discuss your project and help show the capabilities of the platform we have a demonstration room at our premises where we show clients what can be accomplished and how it works in real time. To arrange an appointment please contact as at business(at)makefreecallsonline.com - non UK customers please contact us via email to give us an idea of your project and arrange a video conference call of our demo setup