Free phone calls

How to make a free phone call online?
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Mobiles and landlines are supported

The number I am calling has been blocked, Why?
Any one can block their number by adding it to the black list if they do not wish to receive any calls from our service Block number here. HOWEVER, if you have tried calling the same number more than 3 times in 10 minutes: The system will Automatically block the number from our service for 4 Hours. Abuse of our service is not fair on other users. If you would like to have your number removed from the blocklist please email us at spamcalls(at) so we can review your case.

What do I need to make a call?
You can use any device with a modern browser to make free calls. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC. All you need is a microphone to talk with and speakers to hear the caller. No apps - No downloads - No registration - No subscriptions - No charges

How long does a phone call last?
Our free Internet calls last 5 minutes once connnected, to make another free call you will need to wait 10 miutes to access the page again. Abuse will block the number for 4 hours. Please use fairly

Is it really free?
Yes 100%, this is and will always be free - no fee or credit is required to call any number from this site. We rely on sponsorship and advertisement to keep our online service free for public use

Can I block my number from receving free online internet calls?
Yes you can, if you no longer wish to receive free phone calls from our site please click Block number here and block your number

Can I really make unlimited free online calls?
Yes you can, call as many times as you like for free all day long, to protect us against abuse we limit users to one free phone call every 10 minutes. Please note trying to bypass this limit may result in the number being blocked for 4 hours

I click "call" but nothing happens?
if on PC/laptop Check near the address bar on your browser once you click the call button. You may need to click "allow" when asked to access your microphone. Also you can click on the folder with a red cross and click "Allow" on your address bar to let our website to access your microphone. On a smartphone you will receive a prompt to allow the use of your microphone. Tap allow to be able to start making your free phone calls

Do you provide free SMS as well?
Funny you should ask :), we also have a free sms system that is also free to use (again, 1 every 10 mins)- Send free SMS

Will this service always be free?
As long as you let your freinds and loved ones know about our free sms and free online internet calls service - we are happy to provide this service for free, FOREVER

Make a phone call

Welcome, we provide a free service to make free 5 minute calls to over 40 countries

Free phone calls

No downloads, No registration.100% free international calls

Free calls

If you are receving unwanted calls please fill in our form & your number will be blocked from our service

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