Make a phone call

Make a phone call online

Make a phone call to over 40 countries using your browser - No registration - No downloads - No payment required

To make a call simply:

  • 1.Select the country you wish to call for free
  • 2.Type in telephone number without international dialing code
  • 3.Lastly, Click the "make a call" button and enjoy!

Choose the country you wish to call below:

Make a call online

Making a call internationally can be quite expensive and so we have decided to give all our visitors free international and local calls online

Currently suppoeting over 40 countries, you can now call online using only your browser without registration and without download.

The only limitation to our make a call service is the length of the phone call. All calls are limited to 4 minutes and to make another call you will need to wait 10 minutes or visit our partner website to make more free calls

Coming soon...

Want to make a call locally, No problem. Our free call service can call local and international telephone nunbers